International cargo


Transportation service of perishable goods without using temperature controlled containers.

Delivering a variety of perishable products to cities around the world through an extensive network while maintaining freshness.

  • Caution of sunlight and temperature changes
  • Additional functions can be selected as required.
  • IATA CEIV Fresh Certification

Three strengths of PRIO

Special handling of perishable

1 Applicable to a wide range of needs for transporting perishable products without using temperature controlled containers.
2 Stores in the cold storage at origin, transit, and destination airports(*1)
3 Gives priority loading at the origin, priority transportation to the warehouse at the destination, and backup support in case of irregularities.(*2)
*1 Due to conditions at airport facilities, etc., Please kindly contact our Sales staff in charge.
*2 Loading is guaranteed on the reserved flight. If in case loading is not possible on the original booked flight due to weather reason, etc., subject cargo will be handled with high priority, proposing alternative flight.

Optional services can be selected according to customer requirements.

Optional service①: Air transportation with thermal blankets
Optional service②:Road feeder services carried by temperature controlled trucks
Optional service③: Traceability Information
We guarantee that your cargo will be loaded on your booked flight.
*If you would like to use a temperature controlled container, please use the PRIO TEMP:

IATA CEIV Fresh Certification

ANA is proud to be the first Japanese airline to receive IATA CEIV Fresh Certification

PRIO FRESH handling

We guarantee that the customers' valuable cargos are carefully handled throughout the entire processes from acceptance to handover after arrival.

  1. Acceptance

    Stores in the cold storage at the requested temperature range until the loading begins.

  2. Build-up

    Build-up is conducted under environment that avoids direct exposure to sunlight and open air as much as possible.
    Thermal blanket installation on ULDs upon request.

  3. Ramp Transportation

    Minimizing direct exposure to sunlight from loading/transportation to aircraft loading.

  4. Departure

  5. Arrival

  6. Ramp Transportation

    Priority transportation to the warehouse after unloading from the aircraft.

  7. Break-down

    Break-down will be performed in an environment that avoids direct sunlight and open air as much as possible.
    If additional time is needed to pick up the product, we will store it in a cold storage at the requested temperature range.
    *Please contact us for details, as there are different restrictions at each airport facilities, etc.

  8. Handover

Road feeder service for Japan airport-to-Japan airport transportation

  1. A Airport

    You may choose temperature controlled trucks instead of normal trucks as an optional service. Cold storage transportation between airports are available.

  2. B Airport

Service flow

[To Our Valued Shippers]For booking and inquiries, please directly contact freight forwarder (or air cargo agent).

  • Reservations

  • Acceptance

  • Handover


Acceptable commodities

Acceptable commodities

Acceptable commodities
Weight・Size Limits
*Limits the size and weight that can be carried in the cargo hold of the aircraft. .
Please confirm the actual space available at the time of booking
Warehouse facilities
Storage temperature ranges: 2~8℃, -5℃, -15℃.
Please check the warehouse facilities at each airport as conditions vary by

Applicable Routes ・Freight Rate

Applicable routes
ANA group operated flights (excluding Peach flights)
*Departing from Japan only
*Transportation restrictions may apply at certain airports, so please contact your
sales representative or check Embargo.
Applicable Routes for Air Japan flights
Bangkok Not Applicable
Incheon Applicable
Singapore Applicable
Freight rates
Between the range of ANA carrier rates and Priority freight rate is applicable for Priority freights.

Required documents ・

The following documents are required for PRIO FRESH services.

Please use general AWB
Please note of the followings when preparing AWB.
  • "PRIO FESH" must be stated in the ACCOUNTING INFORMATION column. (If not
    indicated, it will not be handled as "PRIO FRESH".)
  • Consignee's telephone number and e-mail address and name of the person in
    charge must be statedin the CONSIGNEE column.
  • Applicable temperature range must be stated in the Handling Information column.
Label ⇒Attaching labels to the cargo is at the discretion of the customer.

Please download the required dedicated labels for PRIO TEMP from here. ↓↓↓