International cargo

ANA Charter Service

Individually customized transportation plans

ANA Cargo quality
and the best transportation option for you.

  • Transportation plans
    to airports around the world
  • Air transport for
    any commercial product
  • Diverse fleet
    of aircraft available

Three strengths of ANA Charter Service

Transportation plans
to airports around the world.

Flexible plans to airports where regular service is not offered. One flight can stop at more than two airports.

A wide range of commercial products
requiring special handling accepted

Animals, automobiles, musical instruments, medical supplies, etc. Whether large or delicate, we will guarantee the safe transportation of your cargo, utilizing ANA's know-how built on years of experience.

Minimized cost by selecting
the most appropriate aircraft based on your needs

We provide an optimum service with a wide variety of aircraft according to the cargo quantity and the nature of the products, realizing maximum loading efficiency and no wasted space.

Aircraft performance

Typical aircraft used:


Maximum payload 67,094 kg / 136,000 lb
Maximum load capacity 413.03m3 / 14,584 ft3
Main door size 340×262 cm / 134×103 inch (width × height)
Practical range 6.056 km / 3,763 miles

More Details


Maximum payload 140,000 kg / 308,647 lb
Maximum load capacity 857m3 / 30,265 ft3
Main door size 340×312 cm / 134×123 inch (width × height)
Practical range 8,130 km / 5,051 miles


Maximum payload 104,326 kg / 230,000 lb
Maximum load capacity 986m3 / 23,060 ft3
Main door size 362×305 cm / 142×120 inch (width × height)
Practical range 8,689 km / 5,400 miles

In addition to the above, we also offer services with a variety of other aircraft.


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