eSPICA, Our new web booking engine

What is eSPICA?

More convenient! Easier to use! Even quicker!
Introducing the revamped ANA Cargo web reservation service!

Useful functions of eSPICA

1. Check flights and rates more easily.

To obtain a quote, simply enter a small amount of basic information and available flights and rates will quickly be displayed. Additionally, features have been added that make it even more convenient to use, such as the ability to temporarily save displayed information.

2. Confirm cargo movements more easily.

The cargo status confirmation page now displays illustrated information alongside conventional textual information. This allows you to quickly and visually check dynamic booking information.

Inquiries regarding new usage

・If you are a new customer wishing to use eSPICA, please contact our sales representative.

eSPICA manual

How to use eSPICA