International cargo


The quality of products maintained with strict temperature control

PRIO PHARMA uses Envirotainer's temperature-controlled containers to maintain the designated temperatures. Large cargos are acceptable.

  • Pharmaceuticals and semiconductors
    requiring strict temperature control
  • PRIO PHARMA uses Envirotainer's containers.
  • Adjustable settings in 1°C increments between 0°C and 25°C

Three strengths of PRIO PHARMA

Ideal for cargo requiring stricter temperature control, such as pharmaceuticals and semiconductor parts

With strict control of the designated temperature, PRIO PHARMA is ideal for careful transportation of pharmaceuticals and semiconductor parts that deteriorate easily because of changes in temperature.

PRIO PHARMA uses Envirotainer's containers.

Envirotainer's high-spec reefer containers with rechargeable batteries provide strict temperature control in increments of 1°C, which is impossible with dry ice. PRIO PHARMA is an environmentally friendly service without using dangerous dry ice and emitting carbon dioxide.

Adjustable temperature settings in increments of 1°C between 0°C and 25°C.

Adjustable temperature settings in increments of 1°C between 0°C and 25°C depending on the cargo.

Other Features

Guaranteed loading

We guarantee that your cargo will be loaded on your reserved flight. Even if the flight is subject to weight limits due to bad weather, your cargo will be loaded.

Internal temperature data of containers can be provided.

Data loggers installed in the containers record internal temperatures during transportation. The data can be provided at your request.


[Shipper]Please contact each freight forwarder (or air cargo agent) directly for reservations for cargo transportation.

Reservation Up to four business days prior to scheduled flight departure time
Acceptance Up to 120 minutes prior to scheduled flight departure time
Delivery Ready for handing over AWB and other documents, and customs declaration within 120 to 180 minutes after arrival
Container Lending Period Within six days (from the start date of lending to cargo delivery at the arrival airport)
  • *Please let us know your desired transportation temperature, carry-in and delivery time, etc.
  • *If the flight arrives outside of customs service hours, it may not be possible to deliver your cargo within the prescribed time.
  • *Local standard time of each arrival airport is applied.

Items Acceptable/Airline Route

Items Acceptable/Limitations

Items Acceptable Pharmaceuticals and others requiring strict temperature control
Items Not Acceptable Class I and II of CAO
Cargo shipped for airports that do not accept COD payment is not acceptable according to IATA's rule.
Weight/Size Limits Limited to weight and size that can be loaded in Envirotainer's reefer containers
Temperature Range Between 0°C and 25°C

Airline Route/Freight Cost

Airline Route ANA Group airlines
(except for the A320 and B737 aircraft)
Freight Cost ANA freight cost + container lease charge (Lease charge will be charged separately. For details, please contact us.)

Documents Required/Labels

Documents below are required for PRIO PHARMA.

AWB(*Air Waybill) A general AWB is available.
Please note the following points for preparing AWBs.
  • ・"PRIO PHARMA" should be written in the ACCOUNTING INFORMATION column, otherwise the cargo is not applicable to PRIO PHARMA.
  • ・The telephone number (or fax number) of consignee and the name of contact person should be written in the CONSIGNEE column.
Labels Please attach general labels and labels exclusive for PRIO PHARMA on the cargo.

Please prepare documents below for PRIO PHARMA.

Labels exclusive for PRIO PHARMA are downloaded here.