Contributing to international logistics
we innovate
on the global stage

  • Global NetworkUsing our freighters and the ANA Group's passenger aircraft network to maximum advantage, we are chosen by customers worldwide.
  • Japan QualityOur focus on quality provides a reliability and security appreciated by customers around the world.
  • Innovation PioneerWe consistently conduct business with an innovative approach delivering a rich future to customers everywhere.


ANA Cargo Inc., as one of the air freight business core company in ANA group, commenced its operations in 2014 utilizing freighter and international・domestic passenger route network, plays the role to plan the cargo business strategies, to develop transportation products and solutions, as well as performing sales and airport operations.
Since the start of operations, business has been prioritized on "Global Network", "Japan Quality", and "Innovation Pioneer", transporting total air freight volume of 1.15 million tons in 2019, being ranked in 12th place worldwide.

ANA group, as the first Japanese airline, have started operating large freighter・Boeing 777F from July, 2019. In addition to Shanghai and Chicago, Frankfurt, as the very first European route for ANA to operate its freighter aircraft, inaugurated in this fiscal year. With the new freighter, commodities loadable only on large cargo aircraft, such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment or completed cars, can be stably transported to many destinations, enabling to meet the customers' various needs than before.
Also, based on recent technological innovation, "digitalization" in the logistics industry is being accelerated. ANA, not exceptional, will also endeavor to utilize latest digital technology to further aim for enhanced convenience and efficiency of the services so as to be chosen by the valued customers.

Due to continuing spread of worldwide Novel Coronavirus pandemic, economic activities are greatly impacted. ANA is making every effort to contribute to the society by maintaining cargo transportation capacity, such as operating non-scheduled freighter・charter flights to transport pharmaceuticals and medical equipment as a preventive measure of infection spread, or to keep logistics flow which is the basis of economic activities.
Even under this serious Corona disaster, ANA group, as one same team, is strongly committed to continue transportation so as not to stop the logistics which is the artery of society.

Unfortunately, we cannot still yet see the signs of convergence to the spread of the dreadful pandemic. I would like to sincerely wish for the health of all of you and your families.
We highly appreciate for our valued customers' continued support.

ANA Cargo Inc.Toshiaki Toyama - PresidentToshiaki ToyamaToshiaki Toyama

Becoming the comprehensive
air cargo company of choice

We want to continue to bring new value and innovation to the world of international cargo and logistics.

As a combination carrier fusing freight and passenger flight networks, ANA Cargo has created a system to respond swiftly to customer needs, realizing stable transportation services. Furthermore, we will introduce "Boeing 777 freighter" to handle the increasing quantity of cargo between Asia and North America, which is expected to continue to grow in the medium to long term. With our abundant equipment and product lineup, we have the capability to handle all kinds of cargo, providing innovative services. With our stable air transportation infrastructure and distribution functions, ANA Cargo is evolving daily with the aim of growing into a Global Top 5 carrier.

The three pillars leveraging
our global network

Using freighter and the ANA Group's passenger aircraft network, ANA Cargo is developing its business across three pillars that will contribute to international distribution.

ANA Cargo Inc. -Airline Sales Evolving services in response to customer needs -Warehouse Operations Japanese quality delivered worldwide -Solutions Creating new professional distribution strategiesANA Cargo Inc. -Airline Sales Evolving services in response to customer needs -Warehouse Operations Japanese quality delivered worldwide -Solutions Creating new professional distribution strategies

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Measures that realize innovation

Launching world-first joint ventures

Launching world-first joint ventures Ship seamlessly across our combined transpacific network

We launched the world's first cargo joint-venture business between airlines with Lufthansa Cargo in 2014, and then another joint venture with United Cargo in 2016. Mutual connections have enabled us to provide optimal routes and cargo space, making smooth transportation to even more destinations possible. We are creating many benefits for customers in terms of speed and flexibility.

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ANA Group's trans-border
EC solution

Trans-border EC business between Japan and China is continuing to grow at a rapid speed that outpaces consumption by visitors to Japan. The OCS of the ANA Group, which has been designated as an EC customs broker by China Customs, has developed an advanced product registration system for EC customs clearance in collaboration with ACD Inc. ( This has resulted in direct shipment trans-border EC solutions by combining the system with the ANA Group's intermodal transportation system, and thereby broadening customers' opportunities to join overseas markets.

Company profile

Company Name: ANA Cargo Inc.
Shareholder: ANA Holdings Inc. (100%)
Established: October 1, 2013
Commencement of Operations: April 1, 2014
Head Office Address: Shiodome City Center, 1-5-2 Higashi-Shimbashi,
Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

History of ANA Cargo Inc. and the ANA Group's Cargo Business

  • December 1953: Cargo transportation between Tokyo and Osaka begins
  • 1987-1990: Four companies are established in relation to the ANA Group's cargo business
  • November 2001: ANA Logistics Service Co., Ltd. is established
  • March 2002: ANA Logistics Service Co., Ltd. commences operations
  • 2002-2003: ANA Logistics Service Co., Ltd. merges with four companies
  • September 2002: B767-300F freighter services commence
  • November 2003: Schedulled Cargo midnight flight TYO-CTS flying start
  • May 2004: Schedulled Cargo midnight flight TYO-HSG flying start
  • March 2003: OCS Inc. became a member of ANA Group company
  • October 2009: ANA Okinawa cargo hub operations commence
  • October 2013: ANA Cargo Inc. is established
  • April 2014: ANA Cargo Inc. commences operations
  • May 2014: B767-300F 10th freighter services commence
  • December 2014: ANA Cargo Inc. and Lufthansa Cargo establish the world's first cargo joint venture
  • July 2016: ANA Cargo Inc. and United Airlines Cargo launched cargo joint venture.