PRIO PHARMA - Precise temperature care at every transportation process.


With Envirotainer active compressor cooling and electric heating container, PRIO PHARMA provides precise temperature control service at every level within the operating range of 0℃ to +25℃.


Pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare shipments

Service Features

Set temperature within the operation range of 0℃ to +25℃in the whole transportation process.

  • ・Shipper(agent)ULD load(BUP/BUC): Envirotainer container lease at shipper agent’s warehouse
  • ・ANA ULD load(loose acceptance) : Shipment acceptance at ANA cargo facility
  • ・Place an order in 4(four) or more calendar days prior to the planned container release date.
  • ・Basically 6(six) days service package available for one-way trip use.
  • ・Extra expenses will be charged for additional days use.

Service Network

Rent-it-when-you-need-it-basis service through ANA’s global service network


ANA Carrier Freight(including fuel surcharge) + Container Lease Fees + ULD Delivery & Collection Fees

Cold storage container for use with PRIO PHARMA, please check here.

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