ANA Cargo pays specific attention to the customers' voices.



Thank you as always for doing business with ANA Cargo.

ANA Cargo has taken an action to improve our transportation quality and services by analyzing the voices from customers and by deepening the customer's needs.

In FY22, we received a cordial email appreciating our company from the customer who had used the service "Pet Travel", which ANA Group offered, to fly his pet dog abroad.

We all strive to offer better services and transportation quality in order for customers to be satisfied with our ANA Cargo to transport cargoes in the future.

We would like to mention some of the voices to share and how we could make improvements in regards to those opinions and requests in FY22.

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I'd like you to feed meal and water to my dogs or cats while in transit when you transport animals.
Since July 10 (Mon), 2023, you are available to our new service that allows us to feed meal and water to the dogs and cats while in transit.(An optional pay service.)

We had improved our way of handling animals, and we added a service to the lineup of the international cargo PRIO service, in which the implementation has taken effect as "PRIO LIVE ANIMALS".
Besides, we've introduced the services that we would send photos of the dogs and cats after the customers check-in their pets.
We also started to transport horses with the cargo attendant on the flight.
※Please read more to know "PRIO LIVE ANIMALS".

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It's not until 3 days before the departure that I can confirm if there's any space for loading cargo in the booking system "ANA FLY CARGO!". I'd like to know if there's a vacant space earlier.

We moved the time period for domestic cargo booking forward, so that you can book a cargo space 4 days earlier than it used to be in the ANA FLY CARGO! system.
You can check if there's a vacant space in the flight at 9:00 a.m. in the morning, 7 days before the scheduled departure date.

It's not easy to find an application form of the transportation services on the website. / I'd like to know about animal transportation in detail. / I can't find a webpage of the service I'd like to use.

We revised the ANA Cargo webpage for you to check different services easily. We placed a link to the application form of a part of the new domestic cargo service (ANA Cargo Sky Touring 2023).
We also updated the movie to show how your pet is being handled and the safe environment of the aircraft for your convenience to choose ANA as a trusted carrier.

※ Please check out our service for transportation of a motorcycle "ANA Cargo Sky Touring 2023"
※ Please click here to know about the pet / animal transportation in detail.

Besides, we revised the webpage showing the whole domestic cargo services for customers to use efficiently without any difficulties.
※Please check out our new website for domestic cargo service.