ANA's New Product - "PRIO LIVE ANIMALS" for transporting animals as international cargo



Thank you for your continuous support to ANA Group.
We are pleased to announce the release of "PRIO LIVE ANIMALS" for transporting animals as international cargo, which is a new product in the "PRIO" series of high value-added services for ANA's international cargo. This service is complied with the required regulations for transporting animals and we provide the safe flight for customers' precious animals to their destinations. The B777 freighter is capable of transporting large animals such as horses, and for the transportation of dogs and cats which are in high demand, new optional services such as feeding, watering and photography services are introduced to our services, which are frequently requested by our customers. From the large animals to the small pets, ANA Cargo provides reliable services for transporting animals as international cargo.

Effective date
From July 10th, 2023

Product Summary
Product code: "AVI" (Please enter when making a reservation)

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Applicable Cargo
All animals allowed to be transported by ANA
(All live animals are subject to PRIO LIVE ANIMALS."AVI and AVF")

Applicable Routes
Flights operated by ANA Group (excluding Peach flights)
Acceptance time
In case of departing from HND/NRT/KIX/OKA, 3 hours prior to departure for dogs and cats in principal.
There is no change on the acceptance time for other animals as is.
※If you have a preferred acceptance time, please contact our sales staff.

Product contents
The basic animal transporting services that we have provided up to the present are continued to available.
The new optional services are as follows.
(If you request to use optional services, please fill out the "Optional Service Instruction " which has specified form, and attach this instruction sheet to the AWB and crate.)

【Optional service details】

Cargo attendant's boarding for B7F

Photography service

Feeding/watering service*1

Applicable animals


(Except edible horses)

Other animals requiring Cargo attendant's boarding.

Dogs or Cats

Applicable airports

Arrangement for each case

These services are provided in case of departing from NRT, HND, KIX or
at the transit airports in NRT, HND or KIX.

Handling instructions





SCC code




Other Charge code

(Other charge fee)


(Please contact our sales staff for rates.)


(Worth 50.00 USD from outside Japan*3)

(per working)


(Worth 70.00 USD from outside Japan*3)

(per working)

*1:In order to comply with the "International Air Transport Association (IATA) Live Animal Regulations, "Optional Service Instruction " is required for the customers to request service in advance, as well as food and water to be prepared and attached to the crate. Please use our designated form for the "Optional Service Instructions" and attach it on the AWB and crate.

・When booked by eSPICA, please input "AVI" as Product code.
・To request optional services, please check the code "PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES (AVI)" or "FEEDING AND WATERING (AVI)" in the Handling Instructions. FEEDING AND WATERING AVI". 
(By making the above selection, the SCC code "PHS" (photography) or "FAW" (feeding and watering) will be automatically entered in the SCC code field for the applicable service.
*Please note that if the SCC code are not entered, the optional services are not provided.

Description and attachment for AWB
・Accounting Information:Please fill in "PRIO LIVE ANIMALS".
・Handling Information:Please fill in a 24-hour contact phone number.
・In order to comply with the "International Air Transport Association (IATA) Live Animal Regulations, please attach the "Optional Service Instruction " to the AWB and crate.
・In case of requesting optional services, please indicate the corresponding Other Charge code in the AWB.

If you have any questions, please contact our sales or reservation representatives.
Your kind cooperation and understanding are highly appreciated.


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