Advance Cargo Information Declaration to Philippines Customs

Please be informed about the advance declaration of cargo information (HS Code) to Philippines Customs.

Applicable Shipment

All shipment to/via Philippines

Required information

6 digits HS Code for straight shipment

* In case commodity of straight shipment is "Personal Effect", HS Code is not required.
* HS Code is not required for MAWB/HAWB of consolidated shipment.
* The verification of the accuracy of HS Code against each commodity will not be performed by ANA.

Submission method

Please submit MAWB document with HS Code to ANA or send FWB with HS Code to ANA through system vendors service (e.g. CCS).
Please refer the description column and examples of MAWB and FWB as below.

[Submission by document]
Please input HS Code to "Nature and Quantity of Goods" column in MAWB with shipment commodity.

●MAWB example
MAWB example

[Submission by FWB]
Please input HS Code (6 digits figures only) to RTD column in FWB, following "NH/".

●FWB example
FWB example


In case correct information is not provided, it may cause delay in customs clearance or delivery.
Fines resulted from misdeclaration or undeclaration may be borne by shipper.