Newly Introducing "Releye RLP" Container



~ PRIO PHARMA - dedicated transportation product for pharmaceuticals ~

Thank you for your continuous support to the ANA group.
Please kindly be informed that "Releye RLP", newly developed temperature control container by Envirotainer,is to be added to the container lineup of ANA's PRIO PHARMA, a dedicated transportation service for pharmaceuticals.

< NOTE >

■ Characteristics of Releye RLP:
 ● A single battery charge can keep the preset temperature for a maximum 170 hours (more than 1 week),maintaining the required conditions of the cargo as well as reducing the impacts of delays or unexpected route changes, etc.
 ● By utilizing both vacuum insulated panel (VIP) and the unique airflow system,uniformed inner-container temperature can be maintained and the cargo protected.
 ● Other than the temperature and battery level of the standard E1 and E2 chargeable type,information of its location/humidity/door opening record/status of cargo load in the container, etc. can be monitored.
 ● A customized alerts can be received based on specific needs or requirements.

■ Contents / details of PRIO PHARMA - Releye RLP container:
< Container Type > Releye RLP
Container sapic  english.PNG

■ Service commencement date:
 ● November 1 (Mon), 2021 (Acceptance base)

■ Applicable cargo:
 ● Pharmaceuticals requiring temperature control (available temperature range: +5℃ ~ +20℃)

■ Reservations / Lease period of container:
 ● Reservations deadline; 4 business days prior to container lease start date
 ●Lease period; 6 days or 9 days

■ Applicable routes:
 ● Flights operated by ANA group, and limited to transport between Europe/America and Japan,while inapplicable to Asia or third-country transport besides Japan.
  In the future, ANA plans to expand the applicable stations available to provide "Releye RLP",and depending on the market demand situation of the route.

 Japan departure bound for overseas
 from jp to overseas.PNG

 Overseas departure bound for Japan
 over seas to jp.PNG

< Request to Valued Customers >
 ● Please kindly advise "PRIO PHARMA" when making reservations, while preparing necessary documents and labels;
 ● Please kindly input SCC code when making reservations by e-SPICA, as follows;
   PRIO PHARMA : "PHA", and IATA code "PIL", indicating pharmaceutical
 ● Documents; Please kindly state "PRIO PHARMA" in the AWB - Accounting Information column;
 ● Label: Please kindly attach a "PRIO PHARMA" dedicated label to the cargo.

 < PRIO PHARMA Label >
 PHA logo.PNG
 * Please also kindly attach "IATA TIME AND TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE LABEL" to the PRIO PHARMA cargo.

 For further details, please refer to ANA Cargo homepage (
 Should you have any inquiry, please kindly contact our Sales or Reservations staff in charge.

< End of document >

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