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TOKYO July, 2012 -ANA Cargo announced that it will open new RFS routes which cover Zhengzhou(CGO), Xi'an(SIA), Changchun(CGQ), Shijiazhuan(SJW), Taiyuan(TYN) and Chongqing(CKG) through Peking and Tianjin gateway airports on 20July,2012.

By expanding its RFS routes network, ANA cargo aims to provide dedicated service to meet growing transportation demands especially in the mainland China. With the new RFS service, not only general cargo, but also dangerous goods(class 2.2, 3,4,5,8,9), temperature control shipment(-18°C to +20°C and air suspension trucking service can be arranged.

Furthermore, shipment from FRA, LAX and HNL can be connected to Peking gateway (HND-PEK) on the same day of flight arrival at Haneda. Large size shipment bound for mainland China will use ANA Tianjin freighter.