ANA Cargo thoroughly values "Customers' voices"

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We are promoting service improvement activities
based on customers' feedback and employees' awareness

Customer's voice -1:

"It's hard to tell what kind of types and sizes of cars can be transported."
"Please handle with care especially for shock-sensitive cargos (with shock-watch and/or tilt-watch devices) !"

下矢印.PNGTransportation services for vehicles and precision equipment have been additionally introduced to our international cargo product line-up.

We have released exclusive transportation services, "PRIO VEHICLE" (October 1, 2018~) and "PRIO SENSITIVE" (June 3, 2019~), for vehicles and precision equipment or such, respectively.


"PRIO VEHICLE" is a product to transport wide range of vehicles (from compact cars to SUVs), utilizing ourfreighter network, to destinations or countries・cities where automotive industry is thriving.


"PRIO SENSITIVE" will provide careful handling considering the shock-risk, while cargos attached with shock-watch and/or tilt-watch devices will be closely monitored, utilizing check sheets, at departure, transit and arrival airports.


Customer's voice -2:

"We need to check the past web-news to acquire information of various charges, which is troublesome!!"

下矢印.PNGANA Cargo's web page is renewed to more user-friendly style

Navigation menu is now displayed, showing handling charges of Dangerous Goods shipments.

【Timetable・Charges】 :(URL:


ANA Cargo will further improve both the convenience of valued customers and service quality, by making its web page more attractive with enhanced functionality information.