Addition of DoKaSch Containers to PRIO PHARMA and PRIO TEMP



Thank you for your continuous support to ANA group.
Please kindly be informed that ANA will newly add DoKaSch's container (hereafter "Opticooler") to the container lineup of PRIO PHARMA, a dedicated product for pharmaceuticals, and PRIO TEMP, a temperature-controlled product for non-pharmaceuticals.
The Opticooler, a dedicated active container developed for such as pharmaceuticals and biotech supplies requiring strict temperature-control, can secure high reliability and safety during the transportation. Furthermore, the redundant system equipped with electrification and full air-conditioning enables accurate heating and cooling without dry ice. If the power supply unexpectedly fails by any chance, still the battery is activated to back-up and maintain the function, minimizing the temperature deviation risk to the possible extent.
In order to meet the valued customers' needs of the cold chain, ANA shall continuously enhance its services by introducing Opticooler to the container lineup.

■ Details of Opticooler
<Container Type>

<Container Specification>

■ Service Commencement Date
・February 27 (Mon), 2023 (Effective based on Air Waybill issuance date)

■ Applicable Cargo
・PRIO PHARMA: Pharmaceuticals requiring temperature control
・PRIO TEMP: Cargo requiring temperature control such as perishables, frozen goods, and chemicals except for pharmaceuticals
* Cargo that emits odors is excluded.
* Available temperature range: +2℃ to +30℃

■ Leasing Type
・ANA Leasing or Forwarder Leasing
* For more information on forwarder leasing, please refer to the following URL.

■ Reservations / Leasing Terms (In case of ANA Leasing)
・Reservation deadline; 4 business days prior to the start date of container leasing
・Leasing period; 5 days, 11 days, 18 days or 28 days

■ Applicable Routes
・ANA group operated flights and airline charter flights operated between ANA online airports.

■ Request to Valued Customers
・At the time of reservation of "PRIO PHARMA" or "PRIO TEMP", please notify our Sales or Reservation staff and prepare documents and labels in accordance with "PRIO PHARMA" or "PRIO TEMP".
・Please enter the SCC codes below when making reservation through eSPICA.
- PRIO PHARMA; "PHA", "PIL" and "FRO/COL/CRT" standing for pharmaceuticals and temperature range, respectively
- PRIO TEMP; "PTM" and "FRO/COL/CRT" standing for temperature range
* In the case of a Forwarder Leasing, please enter "FDL".

For further details, please refer to ANA Cargo homepage (
Should you have any inquiry, please kindly contact our Sales or Reservations staff in charge.

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Addition of DoKaSch Containers to PRIO PHARMA and PRIO TEMP