【PRIO PHARMA Service】 Addition of Containers Arranged/Leased by Forwarders ~ Change of rules ~



Please kindly be informed of the update/revision regarding the PRIO PHARMA service, a pharmaceutical temperature control transport, provided by ANA, which was applicable only for cooling containers arranged/leased by ANA. Considering the recent demand increase for PRIO PHARMA transportation, as well as the forwarders' requests to also apply the subject service for the containers leased on their own, under certain conditions, the applicable rule shall be changed.


1. Outline:
Based on the direct contract between the forwarder and the container company, the cargo transportation utilizing the containers arranged/leased by the forwarder on its own shall also be applicable for the ANA's PRIO PHARMA service.
* For those containers directly arranged by shippers are also accepted as above.

2. Acceptance conditions of containers arranged by forwarders:
➢ Forwarders who have signed the ANA's form ("RELEASE & INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT") in advance are acceptable.
➢ The containers directly arranged by the forwarders who do not sign the contract cannot be accepted as PRIO PHARMA.
➢ PRIO PHARMA transportation of the containers arranged by the forwarders is limited to "shipper load (intact)" only, but "loose" cargo is unacceptable.

3. Applicable containers:
Following leased containers (/ type) are acceptable;
➢ Envirotainer (RAP e2 / RKN e1 / Releye RLP *) t-type is inapplicable **
➢ CSafe
➢ va-Q-tec
* For Releye RLP, a prior check of the applicable aircraft & route is required.
** t-type cannot be accepted due to the following reasons;
- temperature deviation risk
- complicated handling procedures, such as dry ice calculation, re-icing, and battery exchange
- responsibility scope between ANA and the forwarder of the leased containers is unclear

4. Applicable routes:

5. Effective date:
It officially starts from AWB issued after July 18th (Mon), 2022

6. Input of SCC Codes:
SCC Codes "FDL," "PHA," and the other related codes need to be input by the forwarder when booking through eSPICA.
* "FDL" is a new SCC Code for containers directly leased from the container co. by the forwarder.
** If "PHA" is not input by the forwarder, ANA cannot accept the shipment as a PRIO PHARMA.
*** "VQT" needs to be input when leasing va-Q-tec containers

7. Returning containers:
After arrival, the cooling container, directly arranged by the forwarder, shall be delivered and handed over together with the cargo as an intact to the forwarder, while the container is to be returned under the forwarder's responsibility.
Please note that the container cannot be returned to ANA at the arrival airport. Even if the container is brought to the airport, the airport staff shall reject to accept them.

For further details or inquiries about PRIO PHARMA, please refer to ANA Cargo's website (https://www.anacargo.jp/en/int/service/) or contact our sales / reservations staff.

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