Transport of Astroscale Manufactured Artificial Satellite to New Zealand



Transport of Astroscale Manufactured Artificial Satellite to New Zealand

● On October 4, 2023, freighter charter flight was operated to transport Astroscale manufactured artificial satellite to New Zealand.

● Upon the customer's request, ANA's freighter aircraft was operated to Auckland International Airport for the first time.


Condition when departing Narita Airport

Recently, quite a few artificial satellites, supporting our lives, have been launched, while the orbital congestion or debris threat of space is increasing. Artificial satellite, "ADRAS-" (Active Debris Removal by Astroscale-Japan), manufactured by Astroscale Holdings Inc., performing initiatives to eliminate such threats, as well as securing economy of space & future environment, was transported to New Zealand, in cooperation with Yusen Logistics Co., Ltd., where the satellite is to be launched.

Not only the timing of the launch, but also while utmost care & attention for the designing, manufacturing, transport process to the launching point of the artificial satellite is required, based on the utilization of the respective expertise or specialized know-how, such as packing, ground transportation, export
& import procedures of Yusen Logistics Co., Ltd., and Boeing 777 freighter charter flight operations & airport handling of ANA, the transport from the shipment acceptance to the arrival at the Auckland Airport was safely achieved on October 5, responding to the customer's needs.

Furthermore, ANA, for this transport, deployed a "professional unit" organized by experienced & skillful staff, at both Narita & Auckland airports, to handle the customer's valuable cargo based on thorough operation & measures by providing transport handling service, "PRIO SENSITIVE", in consideration of the impact risk to be given to the shipment.

Continuously in the future, ANA shall flexibly select the destinations according to the demand trend by fully utilizing its Boeing 777 (x 2) & 767 (x 9) freighter aircrafts to the possible extent, while making every effort to enhance the customers' convenience and to provide reliable Japan Quality, no "damage, missing, delay".

【Outline of Flight Operation】




Flight Number


Operation Date

Departure & Arrival Time




October 4, 2023

20:25 - 11:10 (+1)


Regarding "the entire process from the cargo acceptance at the departure airport to delivery at the arrival airport", this transport service provides handling with close attention & care for the shipment' impact risk.
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【About Boeing 777 Freighter】

ANA possess 2 large freighter aircrafts and have been operating since July 2019. The loadable cargo weight is approximately 100 tons which is twice as much as the Boeing 767 freighter. In addition to mass transportation, large cargo such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment or aircraft engines, are available.
ANA's Boeing 777 freighter, "BLUE JAY", is named after the smart & diligent bird with beautiful blue wings (English name; Blue jay) carrying their food, many of them predominantly inhabiting North America.
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