Announcement regarding IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) 64th edition

Important Restriction


Please be informed that some handling procedures are changed in accordance with IATA DGR 64th edition effective January 1st, 2023 as following.

1. PI965 and PI968DGR 5.1
Withstanding of 3m stack test for the package prepared in accordance with section IB has been added. (see Packing Instruction 965 and 968)
In accordance with this revision, the following items are revised.

①Operator Variations NH-08
 Operator Variations NH-08 will be revised in the DGR 64 Addendum and is reflected in the DGR 65.

②Packing Confirmation sheet
 Added about 3m stack test on the "Packing Confirmation Sheet" and updated the information on the website.

2. Lithium battery MarkDGR
The lithium battery mark has been revised to remove the requirement for a telephone number to beprovided on the mark.
Transition period:until December 31 2026 during which time the mark shown in the DGR 63may continue to be used.

3. Handling Information StatementDGR 8.2.1
The transitional period for the dangerous goods statement on the air waybill "Dangerous Goods as perattached Shipper's Declaration" to "Dangerous Goods as per associated Shipper's Declaration" has been extended by a further two years until December 31 2024.

We kindly ask for your confirmation of IATA DGR 64th edition itself because the above information is not completely covered all revised items of IATA DGR 64th edition.
Your kind understanding and cooperation are highly appreciated.


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