Restriction on Lithium Ion/Metal Batteries for ANA freighter flights



ANA has decided to suspend accepting Lithium Ion/Metal Batteries on ANA freighter flights in principle. However, it will be acceptable under certain conditions as follows;

1. Effective Date

Effective flight: from January 1 (Sun) 2023

2. Applicable Flights

All ANA freighter flights

3. Embargo Shipments

・Lithium Ion and Metal Batteries (UN3480/PI965),including Section IA/IB
・Lithium Ion and Metal Batteries (UN3090/PI968),including Section IA/IB

However, following items are acceptable;
・Lithium ion batteries (UN3481) in accordance with PI966, PI967
・Lithium metal batteries (UN3091) in accordance with PI969, PI970

4. Requirements to transport

In principle, Lithium Ion and Metal Batteries (UN3480,3090/PI965,968), including Section IA/IB are embargo unless all of following requirements are prepared beforehand.

1. All requirements in IATA DGR are complied
2. Packing durability test certification based on IATA DGR must be attached with the AWB.(Please see attachment 1)
4. The shipment must be separately packaged from "RFL" shipment
5. BUC are not acceptable
6. Cut off time is 5 hours prior to departure time (STD) Please inform of UN3480/UN3090 when you book the shipment to our sales person

5. Others

We are now preparing for handling procedure to be ready in each airport, but current acceptance conditions are not the same in each airport, therefore please ask your nearest sales person of ANA Cargo or our Website to check any updates.
Your kind cooperation and understanding are highly appreciated.

【Attachment】Acceptable Airport List

Attachment 1:Packing Confirmation Sheet.pdf
Attachment 2:Lithium ion metal batteries Chart.pdf