Freighter cancellation durinng Dragon Boat Festival period



Please be informed that ANA will suspend freighter operation during the specific period as below. For more details, please kindly contact our sales and reservation team.

  • ◆Subject flights: Freighter service as below (Others are in normal operation)
  • ◆Period: June 9th (THU) - June 12th (SUN)
  • ◆Flight schedule: Shown as below

    (1)Okinawa Cargo Freighter

    (2) International Route

    (3) Domestic Route

    (4)Additional Flights


    FLT No. / NH8575
    Date: June 9th (THU)
    Time: Narita 22:30 → Okinawa 01:45+1
    Fleet: B767-300F


    FLT No. / NH8576
    Date: June 10th (FRI)
    Time: Okinawa 06:35→Narita 09:00
    Fleet: B767-300F


    FLT No. / NH8541
    Date: June 9th (THU)
    Time: Narita 22:30→ Qingdao 00:55+1
    Fleet: B767-300F


    FLT No. / NH8542
    Date: June 10th (FRI)
    Time: Qingdao 02:25 → Narita 06:20
    Fleet: B767-300F

    ※Additional Flights for Nartia ⇔Qingdao is subject to government approval