ANA Cargo to change flight schedule for second half of FY2014 from October, 2014



ANA will change the freighter flight schedule from October, 2014 as follows.

(1) Added flights (Boeing 767-300F)

【Okinawa hub network】

*1 Current freighter flight for NH8559 (KIX-OKA) and KZ8561 (NRT-OKA) remain unchanged.
*2 Flights for NH8565 and NH8405 will be operated as International Flight and only International cargo and
mail is acceptable.

(2) Changes in Flight Routes (Boeing 767-300F)

【China Network】

*3 Current flight schedules for KIX-TSN-DLC-KIX on Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat will be changed.
*4 Current flight schedules for KIX-TSN-DLC-KIX on Sun remain unchanged.

(3) Suspended Flights (Boeing 767-300F)

(4) Changes in Aircraft Type

*5 Operated by B787-8 on Sunday only.

(5) Changes in Operating Days

** Flight schedules are dependent on approval by the relevant authorities. Please be reminded that these are only scheduled plans and are subject to change.