Increase Capacity on "Kansai=Qingdao / Kansai = Beijing" Route



ANA will increase cargo capacity on KIX=TAO, KIX=PEK passenger aircraft route as follows.

1. Effective from ;
2013 Oct. 27(Sun)   Kansai=Qingdao   NH157/NH158
2013 Oct. 28(Mon)   Kansai=Beijing    NH159/NH160
2. Schedule ;
3. ANA Cargo Office ;
(Qingdao) 【Address】 Room 217 NO.2 Cargo Terminal Liuting International Airport Qingdao, P.R. of CHINA
  【Phone#】+86-532-8922-8579    【Fax#】+86-532-8471-5902
  【Office hours】06:30~22:30
(No freighter opetation day 8:45~17:15)
(Beijing) 【Address】 BGS cargo terminal, Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone;
Beijing Capital International Airport., NO.566-11 Shun ping Road, Shun Yi, District, Beijing P.R.C.(566-11BGS347), 101300, China
  【Phone#】+86-10-6947-9774    【Fax#】+86-10-6947-9974
  【Office hours】07:00~21:30
4. ANA Cargo Sales ;
(Qingdao) 【Phone#】 +86-532-8922-8577/8578
  【Fax#】 +86-532-8471-5908
  【Office hours】 08:45~17:15 (Sat,Sun and Holiday closed)
(Beijing) 【Phone#】 +86-10-6947-9658
  【Fax#】 +86-10-6947-9844
  【Office hours】09:00~17:30 (Sat,Sun and Holiday closed)
5. Other Information ;
(1)Dangerous Goods from Beijing
Class 1 (Explosives) , Class6.1(Toxic (poison) substances) Class 7 (Radioactive Substances)
※ Beijing beyond RFS embargo Class 1 (Explosives) , Class2 (Gas), Class 7 (Radioactive Substances)
Charges Collect Shipment to Qingdao