Revision of "Fuel Surcharge" for ex-Japan Cargo (1-May-23 & onward)

Important Fuel Surcharge


Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for your continuous support to ANA group.
Please kindly be advised that ANA group have applied the revision of "Fuel Surcharge" of International cargo to the MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport & Tourism) and acquired their approval.
Monitoring the latest one month's average fuel market price, prior to the applicable subject month/period, ANA group regularly considers the revision on a monthly basis, if necessary.
Due to the said average price being USD$99.57/bbl for the period of 1Mar-31Mar2023, ANA have decided to revise the Fuel Surcharge as follows. Your kind understanding and cooperation is highly appreciated.

< NOTE >

1. Applicable / Effective Period:

1May23 (Mon) ~ (AWB issuance base)

2. Applicable Fuel Surcharge Rate:

Following rate shall be applied for ex-Japan International sectors. (JPY @ 1kg).

3. Conditions of Revision (& Abolition):

From the perspective of users' easy-understanding for this fuel surcharge revision, Singapore kerosene market price is used as the standard index.
Regarding the applicable fuel surcharge for 1-Jun-23 and onward, 1 month's average Singapore kerosene market price of 2 months prior to applicable subject month shall be based on the index, and the revision will be determined in accordance with average price per 1 barrel in line with the attached "Fuel surcharge revision - standard index table".Fuel surcharge revision, if ONLY any, will be notified by "ANA CARGO NEWS".

Revision of "Fuel Surcharge" for ex-Japan Cargo.pdf