Restriction of Lithium Metal Batteries(UN3090 SectionⅡ)for NCA operation flights(NRT=OKA)



 In compliance with NCA's regulations for Lithium Metal Batteries(UN3090 SectionⅡ), which differs from ANA's own handling procedures, we decide to restrict this shipment for KZ8561/8562 and hereby inform you of restriction information as follows.

1. Effective Date

Effective flight: from Mar 16 (Mon) 2015 ~

2. Applicable Flights


3. Applicable Goods

UN3090 Lithium metal batteries Section II (Packing Instruction 968)
*Except for ex-NRT shipment using KZ8561 (in case that Origin Airport is NRT on MAWB)

4. Restriction

The shipment specified above is restricted on KZ8561/KZ8562.

5. Others

This restriction is only applied to KZ8561/8562(NRT=OKA)
For ANA Operation freighter flight, we continue to accept the shipment specified above.

Your kind cooperation and understanding are highly appreciated.