Cancellation of restriction on transport of Lithium Ion and Lithium Metal Batteries



We are pleased to inform you the restriction on transport of Lithium Ion, Lithium Metal Batteries (only Section ll) will be cancelled as follow.

1. Effective date:
March 15th, 2013(Fri)-
2. Route:
a) From/to SHA(Hongqiao)
b) From/to HGH
3. Cancellation:
Lithium Metal Batteries of section ll (exclude Section IA/IB).
*Lithium of "Packed with Equipment" and "Contained in Equipment" is included.
4. Reason:
Due to the approval from CAAC
5. Others:
a) Restriction on transport of Lithium from SHE is remain valid today.
b) Refer to the latest Embargo list (see ANA CARGO website).

We thank you for your understandings.