New Regulations for Lithium Ion and Lithium Metal Batteries Restrictions



Please be announced that ANA will ban international shipment with lithium ion and lithium metal batteries effective February 1st, 2013.

1. Routes:
a) From SHE,???b) From/To SHA (Hongqiao),???c) From/To HGH
2. Embargo:
All of Lithium Ion and Lithium Metal Batteries (Section IA/IB and Section II)
※ Includes "Packed with Equipment" and "Contained in Equipment"
3. Reason:
The updated instruction from CAAC authority

Other routes in China regarding the above commodities will remain unchanged. All customers will be notified immediately as soon as we have further information.

We apologize for inconveniences caused and will strive to minimize those as much as possible.

Your kind cooperation and understanding are highly appreciated.