【PRIO PHARMA】Addition of SkyCell Containers Arranged/Leased by Forwarders



September, 30th, 2022

【PRIO PHARMA】Addition of SkyCell Containers Arranged/Leased by Forwarders

Please kindly be informed of the update/revision, in regard to PRIO PHARMA service, that SkyCell containers will be also accepted same as other temp-control containers like Envirotainer, CSafe, va-Q-tec and ANA, only when the containers are arranged/leased by Forwarders.

1. Outline
Considering the recent demand increase of the pharmaceutical transportation using SkyCell containers, SkyCell containers under leased by Forwarders (including Shippers) can be accepted as PRIO PHARMA service.

2. Acceptance conditions of SkyCell containers
・"RELEASE AND INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT" should be signed by Forwarders in advance as the transportation will be done under Forwarder leasing.
・ANA cannot accept the shipment as PRIO PHARMA when Forwarders do not agree to sign the document.
・ANA will accept SkyCell containers, that the customer already loads the contents into the containers, as cargo (outer package) and build-up on ULD when PRIO PHARMA service for SkyCell applies.

3. Applicable containers
SkyCell containers(1500C/CRT/F/DF/X、2500C/CRT)

4. Applicable routes
As specified in the ANA regulations (same as PRIO PHARMA)

5. Effective (/ Commencement) date
It officially starts on flights booked after October 1st (Sat), 2022

6.Entry / Input of SCC code:
The SCC code "FDL" "SKC" "PHA" "PIL" "Temp(FRO/COL/CRT)"needs to be input by Forwarders when booking through eSPICA.
* "FDL" is a new SCC code for containers directly leased from the container co. by the forwarder.
* "SKC" is a new SCC code of the SkyCell containers.

7. Description on Air Waybill
As specified in the ANA regulations (same as PRIO PHARMA)
* SkyCell container ID number also should be written on it.

8. Return of SkyCell containers  
Regarding the containers arranged by Forwarders, please also arrange the return procedure of the containers. ANA hands over the containers without break-down.The container cannot be returned to ANA at the arrival airport, which the airport staff shall reject the acceptance if Forwarders tries to.

For further details or inquiries, please refer to ANA Cargo homepage
(https://www.anacargo.jp/ja/int/service/) or contact our sales / reservations staff.


Addition of SkyCell Containers Arranged_Leased by Forwarders.pdf