Opening new import facility at Los Angeles International Airport(LAX)

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 Thank you for your continued support of the ANA group.
 Please be informed that ANA is opening the new import facility at LAX. The delivery location for parts of the arriving cargo is changed. Please kindly find the following information for details.
 Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.

1.New import facility information

Facility location

Mercury Air Cargo

8900 Bellanca Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90045, U.S.A

(Firms code : WBN7)

Applicable cargo

ANA indirect flights* are handled at this facility.

*Import cargo by Road Feeder Service and interline

Business hours



+1 (213) 527-2010

Floor space / Truck dock

4,460 ㎡ (48,000 sqft) / 66 truck docks

Temperature controlled room

Not available

Special cargo

DG : Available AVI : Available VAL : Available

Charge Collect


Delivery information
【ANA direct flights】
 The cargo is delivered from the current facility after March 1st continuingly.
【ANA indirect flights】
 The cargo arriving before March 1st is delivered from the current facility.
 The cargo arriving after March 1st is delivered from the new facility.