International Freighter & Passenger Flights ~ Operation Change due to Coronavirus ~ (As of Mar. 22)

Important Schedule


Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for your continuous support to ANA group.
Please kindly be informed of ANA's international freighter and passenger flights' operational plan change until Apr. 30, 2022 due to COVID-19, as follows.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and highly appreciate for your understanding and cooperation.


【 Scheduled Freighter Flights 】 (Mar 27 ~ Mar 31, 2022)

* This time's changes are indicated with yellow high-lighted.

Scheduled Freighter Flights (Apr. 1 ~ Apr. 30, 2022)

* This time's changes are indicated with yellow high-lighted.

*1:NH8511 on 4/2 and 4 will be operated by B76ER.
  (NH8512 on 4/3 and 5 will be operated by B76ER.)
*2:NH8431 on 4/14 will be operated by B7F.(NH8432 on 4/15 will be operated by B7F.)
*3:NH8517 on 4/14 will be suspended .on 4/14. (NH8518 on 4/15 will be suspended on 4/15.)

Non-Scheduled Freighter Flights (Mar. 27 ~ Apr. 30, 2022)

*1: Operated as a charter flight.
*2: Suspended on 4/14.
*3: Suspended on 4/15.
*4: NH8545 on 4/13, 15 and 17 will be suspended. (NH8546 on 4/14, 16 and 18 will be suspended.)

Passenger Flights (Mar 27 ~ Mar 31, 2022)

*1 Departure day of Japan bound (arrival) flights will be on the following day of above (Japan departure) dates.

- Above operation plan / schedule is subject to relevant government authorities' approval.
- Indicated aircraft type may change without prior notice due to the condition of operation day.

Should you have any inquiry, please kindly contact the sales in charge.

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