Cargo handling at Kansai International Airport (KIX)



Thank you very much for the continuous support of ANA Cargo.
All of our flights from/to KIX are currently cancelled due to the heavy flood caused by Typhoon No. 21. And we cannot handle International/Domestic cargo now because our facilities are also heavily damaged. Current status of our handling are below.
We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

  1. Flight operation
    All flights from/to KIX are currently cancelled.
    *For resuming operation, it will be informed in our homepage.
  2. New booking / Acceptance / Delivery of cargo
    Stoppage a New booking / Acceptance / Delivery of cargo from/to KIX
    *The resuming date will be informed after restoration to handle cargo at KIX.
  3. Subject cargo
    All International/Domestic cargo from/to KIX.
  4. Handling of storage shipment in KIX
    Our warehouse was flooded and our staff cannot access the storage area of International (import/export) and Domestic cargo. Therefore we cannot check the condition of each storage shipment and are not able to answer inquiry about the damage of cargo. We will inform after we can check them.

Sincerely yours,