Fuel Surcharges for International Air Cargo Departing from Japan effective May 1st, 2013

Fuel Surcharge


The next fuel surcharge will be set as follows according to the average price of jet fuel for the month of March, US$123.53 and come into effect for one month from May 1, 2013.

Fuel surcharge for international cargo (yen/ kilo) May 1-, 2013*

Routing Present (yen) Revised (yen)
Long haul
(Japan - North America, Europe, Middle East)
141 127
Medium haul Asia (Japan - Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia) 97 91
Short haul Asia
(Japan - Korea, Taiwan, China, Philippines)
81 77

*subject to approval by the relevant government authorities and may be changed without notice
Fuel surcharge will be calculated based on chargeable weight except Minimum rate class shipments.

Conditions for Revision (and Removal) of the Surcharge

The next revision to the cargo Fuel Surcharge, if any, will take effect on June 1, based on the average price of Singapore kerosene for the month of April and will be announced in May.

If the monthly average cost of Singapore kerosene falls below US$35 per barrel, the fuel surcharge will be removed altogether.

Your kind cooperation and understanding are highly appreciated.

Fuel Surcharge according to average jet fuel price