Announce of starting Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS) operation



Thank you for your continuous patronage to ANA group.
As it's informed that Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS) will be come into force from June 12th, 2019 after 12 months grace period from last year. This system is a joint program of CBP and TSA for enhancing air cargo security. Air cargo which will be forwarded to US is required to have loading permission before loading to aircraft.
Please be informed the details as follow and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

1) Effective Flight
  Flight to United States from 1st April,2019

2) Applicable shipment
  All shipment to US

3) Outline and Permission proces
  (1)Airline send cargo information of MAWB・HAWB as FWB・FHL message to
    US authority
  (2)US authority send back the screening result to Airline
  (3)Airline check the status of each shipment
  (4)After confirmation of the permission, Airline will build up the shipment to ULD
    ※Non-permission shipment cannot be loaded onto US bound flight

4) Request
  (1)Please provide AWB・HAWB documentation and/or FWB・FHL by cut time of
    each airport
  (2)Please provide accurate information of MAWB and HAWB
    ※Generic cargo descriptions should be avoided
    ※In case correct information is not provided in a timely manner,
     it may cause offload from booked flight.
5) Other 
  (1)ANA shall not use HAWB data for other purpose. And ANA shall not show HAWB
    data to others except asked by authority.
  (2)Please contact local ANA Sales staff for the data transmission charges.
  (3)ANA will not be responsible for the delay, refuse or penalty from customs
    caused by the customers' false entry or incorrect data transmission.
  (4)Please provide the cargo information electronically (FWB・FHL) as much as
    possible to follow this program smoothly.

 Your kind cooperation and understanding are highly appreciated.