ANA and United Airlines to Expand Cargo Joint Venture For Transpacific Flights from February 6th (US) Phase 2: The U.S./Canada to Japan



Dear Valued Customers,
ANA and United Airlines will expand the cargo Joint Venture on the transpacific network from February 6th, 2018 (US) to include routes from the U.S. and Canada to Japan.

This addition will offer the customers more destinations at shorter lead time with a joint network of 360 nonstop flights a week to 15 destinations over the Pacific and further flight and truck connections within Japan, the U.S. and Canada.

Customers are advised to pick up the shipments from the warehouse of the last operating carrier. Please refer to the tracking information on the AWB owner's websites for the operating carrier.

Joint sales and enhanced operation of shipments originating in Japan bound for the U.S. and Canada was launched as Phase 1 in July 2016. The scope will continue to expand for applicable countries in Asia and the Americas.

By strengthening the Joint Venture partnership, both airlines will strive to provide more customer benefits.