Notification of Japan Customs New Rule



 Please be informed that new rules of Japan customs from 17 Mar, 2019. House Manifest Information also be subject to reporting. Advanced cargo information for shipments to Japan customs must be provided electronically until 3 hours before arrival. If the required data is not provided correctly, shipments may be delayed, or penalized by Japan Customs.

1) Effective Date
  From 17 Mar, 2019 AM 05:00 (Flight arrival Date)

2) Applicable shipment
  All shipment to Japan(Include shipment via Japan)

3) Required messages and information
  Please be provide MAWB and HAWB information by electronically or manual data.

  ・Following messages and message versions are recommended.
   FWB message version 16
   FHL message version 4

4) Other
 ・ANA shall not use HAWB data for other purpose.
 ・Please contact local ANA Sales staff for the data transmission charges.
 ・ANA shall not use HAWB data for other purpose.
 ・ANA will not be responsible for the delay, refuse or penalty from the Japan
  Customs caused by the customers' false entry or incorrect data transmission. 
 ・In order to response the new rules to the smooth, please provide the above
  information by electronically as much as possible.

 Your kind cooperation and understanding are highly appreciated.