New "Board Members" & "Organization"



ANA Cargo Inc. (- Location : Minato-ku, Tokyo, - President and CEO : Toshiaki TOYAMA) has decided the following new board members and the organization change, effective April 1, 2017.

*As for the following board members' appointment, it is subject to the approval of both shareholders' general meeting and board of directors' meeting.

1. New Board Members ; (Planned)

(1) Board of Directors ;

Name From April 1 Until March 31
YUTAKA ITO Chairman of the Board Chairman of the Board
TOSHIAKI TOYAMA President and CEO President and CEO
HIROSHI SUGIGUCHI Executive Vice President (NEW)
Global Marketing
Vice President
Corporate Planning & Administration
TOSHIYA TAMADA Executive Vice President (NEW)
Global Sales
SEI SUEHARA Executive Vice President
Domestic Cargo
Senior Vice President
Domestic Cargo
KEIJI WATANABE Executive Vice President
Cargo Operation
Senior Vice President
Cargo Operations
MASAKI TANIMURA Executive Vice President (NEW)
Logistics Services
Vice President
Solution Sales,
Solution Sales Planning

(2) Executive Officers ;

Name From April 1 Until March 31
SHINYA HIROOKA Senior Vice President
International Cargo Sales Japan
Vice President
International Sales, Japan
HIDETOSHI YOSHIDA Senior Vice President
Haneda INTL Warehouse
Operation Center
TAKASHI NAKAI Senior Vice President
Narita Warehouse Operation Center
GENJI IMAHAYASHI Senior Vice President
Kansai Warehouse Operation Center
Vice President
Kansai Warehouse Operation Center

(3) Auditors ;

Name From April 1 Until March 31
SHIN SUZAWA Auditor Auditor

(4) Retirement ; (Following two board members are to retire, as of March 31)

Name From April 1 Until March 31
MAKOTO SEKUZU Retirement Senior Vice President
Global Marketing & Sales
International Cargo Sales
TAKEHIKO NAGAO Retirement Senior Vice President
Solution Sales

2. New Organization :

(1) Overall ;
ANA Cargo will implement structural reforms in each of its Marketing, Sales & Operations division, changing the current "Divisional" organization to "Functional" one, in order to vigorously push our Management / Business strategies forward.
(2) Major Changes ;

① Global Marketing Department

Will enforce marketing function by transferring its current responsibility to manage the Overseas' Sales headquarters and Space & Yield Management function, to the newly established Global Sales department.

② Global Sales Department

Will enforce the global sales function by consolidating both Japan and overseas' sales, together with the Space & Yield Management function.

③ Domestic & International Operation Process Reform Department

Will enhance operational fundamentals and capabilities by aggressively reforming the cargo handling structure and process.

(3) Outline of New Organization ;

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