Notification of Vietnam Customs New Regulation for Advanced Manifest declaration of Cargo Information



Please be informed that the Advance Manifest System will be implemented in Ho Chi Minh City (SGN), Vietnam effective from 16th May, 2015. From this date, pre-arrival information for shipments bound for Ho Chi Minh City Tansonnhat Airport (SGN) must be provided electronically at least 60 minutes prior to arrival at the airport of unloading. If the required data is not provided, shipments may be delayed, refused or penalized by the Vietnam Customs.

1) Effective Date
From 16th May, 2015
2) Subject Freight
Applies to all freight bound for SGN
3) Required messages and information
  • a) Following messages and message versions are recommended.

    • ・FWB message version 16
    • ・FHL message version 4
  • b) Freight forwarders are required to provide accurate description in each mandatory entry - particularly,

    • (1) Commodity Name on the messages in accordance with the published guidelines,
    • (2) Shipper and Consignee Name
    • (3) SLAC pieces shall be written in "No. of Pieces" on MAWB and House Manifest

    Key entries including the two primary items will be screened for verification in rigid manner as part of strengthened risk management of Vietnam Customs.

  • c) FWB, FHL message

    • (1) "Nature of Goods" is limited within 15 digits based on Cargo IMP format. When Commodity Name exceed 15 digits, write first 15 letters in Nature of Goods and then in "Free Text Description of Goods" write "TXT/" followed by the proper commodity name in full.
    • (2) SLAC piece shall write in FWB and FHL as well as actual piece.
    • (3) UN No. shall be written in "OCI" (FWB version 16/FHL version 4) when the goods are classified as Dangerous Goods according to the valid IATA DGR.
4) Acceptance
In case manual data entry is needed, we offer our staff to arrange input. In this case, please provide extra Master Air Waybill copy and House Manifest copy.
5) Shipper Build-up ULD
In case consolidated cargo is built up in several ULDs, submit HAWB build up detail of each ULD.
6) Others
  • a) ANA will not illegally use any HAWB information received from the customer except as required for transportation. ANA will not illegally leak except as required by regulations of the authorities.
  • b) Please contact local ANA Sales staff for the data transmission charges.
  • c) ANA will not be responsible for the delay, refuse or penalty from the Vietnam Customs caused by the customers' false entry or incorrect data transmission.

Request to register House Air Waybill (HAWB) data for Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Customs