Information for TC1 bound Intact Release Shipment from China and Hong Kong Area



We have updated our policy for TC1 inbound intact release shipment as follows;

1. Content:

ANA will release intact ULD when it's AWB describes "SLAC(SHIPPER/AGENT loaded and counted)". Please make sure 1 ULD equates to only 1 single AWB.
ANA will not break down any intact ULD even if we receive such request from customers.

If it is mixed multiple airway bills in a ULD, it will be accepted and released as loose, so please make sure to submit accurate AWB/HAWB information from the origin without any discrepancies.

We will check if each shipment has the proper labels and HAWB information at the originstation. We can only accept shipment that are properly labeled and required information submitted, so please note and take necessary actions.

2. Effective Date:


3. Objective Shipment:

Shipments loaded to ANA or interline TC1 bound flight (except YVR).

Thank for your coooperation and support of ANA Cargo.