Response to EU and Canada customs regulations for new services to Dusseldorf and Vancouver



From March 30th 2014 ANA will start new cargo services to Dusseldorf and Vancouver. When starting cargo services, we are required to handle the shipment under the regulations of EU Import Control System (ICS) and Canada Air Commercial Information (ACI).
In accordance with customs regulations, ANA is announcing a policy to the following effect.
Meanwhile, regarding the ICS details, please refer to the following page.

1. Effective Date
March 30, 2014
2. Subject Freight
Applies to freight offloaded in Dusseldorf (DUS), or Vancouver (YVR) as well as to freight remaining on board and carried on to airports outside DUS and YVR.
3. Request to Customers
  • 1) Please provide extra House Manifest copy attached to Air Waybill and submit to ANA and/or ANA's GHC.
  • 2) Using the electric transmission (e.g. TRAXSON, CCS), please submit House Air Waybill data [FHL] to ANA system.
  • 3) House Manifest have to include the information of Full name and address of Shipper, Consignee and Notify Party including ZIP/Postal Code, two letter country code.
4. Acceptance
We offer our staff to arrange input In case manual data entry is needed. In this case, please provide extra Master Air Waybill copy and House Manifest copy.
5. Others
  • 1) ANA will charge JPY500/per HAWB in case manual data entry is needed.
    JPY150/per HAWB for the data sent from system provider.
    This will only apply to freight originated from Japan. Please contact local ANA Sales
    staff for the transmission charges in other countries.
  • 2) ANA will not be responsible for the delayed, refused or penalized at EU and Canada customs made by the customer's false entry or incorrect data transmission.
Your kind cooperation and understanding are highly appreciated.