Enhancement of ANA Cargo Web-Booking <<eACROSS>>



Thank you for choosing ANA Cargo. Our Web-Booking Service is going to be enhanced as follows to provide you better quality of service:

1. Start of the enhanced service
November 26, 2012 09:00 JST
2. Summary
(1) New service to be enhanced:
[1] Booking of cargo which include dry ice will be available from eACROSS, ANA Web-Booking syste.
[2] Booking of keep cool cargo, keep frozen cargo will be available from eACROSS. Instruction of cool/frozen storage at airport(s) is also available.
[3] Regular booking will be available a month prior. (Currently 14days prior)
(2) Cargo booked through eACROSS and answers:
[1] In addition to general cargo, keep cool/frozen cargo and cargo including dry ice will be booked through eACROSS.
*Cargo which include any dangerous goods except for dry ice or which need special handling other than keep cool/frozen are exempted.
*Keep cool/frozen handling registration at airport is available from eACROSS. For facility detail, please contact ANA sales when necessary.
*There are segments and airports which ANA cannot provide keep cool/frozen handling (such as RFS). If you need sensitive temperature control, please call ANA sales.
[2] Keep Cool/frozen cargo and cargo which include dry ice are also answered as below:
RATE Adjustment of Available Space
~44.5kg Carrier Rate Booknig is instantly confirmed ("Confirm")
45.0~299.5kg Carrier Rate

Booking is automatically adjusted and replied as follows:
1) Automatically confirmed("Confirm")
2) Quick responses within ANA business hours
3) Loading impossible
*cargo which include dry ice is all queued.

The Others Quick responses within our business hours
300.0kg~ All
[3] Booking close time by eACROSS is the same as current.
(3) URL
Please visit ANA Cargo website: www.ana.co.jp/en/int and click
(4) Operation
Please see the attached for your reference.
3. The others
For use of eACROSS, ID and password are necessary. If you have any question, please feel free to contact ANA Cargo Sales.