ANA CARGO Renews "PRIO" Product lineup



Thank you very much for choosing ANA CARGO.

ANA CARGO today announced that it will renew its PRIO Products. The current service which has been implemented with customers' high satisfaction will be changed for further improvements.
The renewed "PRIO" product which focused in customer's modern logistics needs includes 2 brand new product lineup and provides the best solution with the usage of expanding Haneda international flight network.

1. Effective Date
From 30 October, 2011.
2. Outline
  • (1) Innovation in ANA "PRIO" product
    More convenient, more reliable with simple products lineup

  • (2) "PRIO STRAIGHT" and "PRIO CONNECTION" debut launch.
  • Guarantee dedicate air freight forwarding service at ANA's own warehouse. ANA group also provides professional export customs clearance service. (Japan Outbound Only)
    (Competitive advantages)
    Provide complete one-source export operation:
    - The whole operation process from the acceptance of uncleared export cargo until the completion of aircraft loading will be implemented by ANA group?s dedicated handling.
    Enhance convenience of Haneda flights usage:
    - Forwarder agents who do not hold cargo facility or staff offices in Haneda can also use ANA's perfect forwarding solutions with Haneda international flights network.
    Save your transportation lead time:
    - Uncleared cargo can be connected to Okinawa hub flights once accepted at ANA's warehouse by 21:00.
    - Shipment collected in Tokyo metropolitan area in the late evening arrives at major Asian cities in the next early morning.

    Offer the rapidest transportation between Japan local cities and Asian major cities. Acceptance and release as domestic cargo becomes available at local airports.
    (Competitive advantages)
    Support customs clearance at gateway:
    - Complete smooth and professional customs clearance at Haneda gateway airport will save forwarder agents' resources at local airport.
    Save your transportation lead time:
    - High efficiency connection schedule between ANA Domestic and International night flights realized "Next Day Early Delivery" between Japan local cities and Asian major cities.
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