The handling warehouse of the import cargo at NRT in September, 2011



Please be informed that the operation at the new leased warehouse ANA 304 at the cargo 4 building will start in addition to the existing warehouses ANA 305 and ANA 306. The operation at IACT will also continue for some flights. Please refer to "The Table of Import Freight Warehouse in September, 2011" for details.
We will make an effort to keep providing with high-quality service, and we take this opportunity to solicit your continued support and cooperation.

1. Operation Period :
From September 1st, 2011 to September 30th, 2011 (Arrival date)
* We will separately inform you of it for after October 1, 2011.
2. Changes to the September Edition :
・ NH928(TAO-NRT)??IACT B??⇒??ANA 304
・ NH210(FRA-NRT)??IACT B??⇒??ANA 304
・ NH202(LHR-NRT)??IACT B??⇒??ANA 304
・ NH904(DLC-NRT)??IACT B??⇒??ANA 304
・ NH8506(TAO-NRT)??IACT B??⇒??ANA 304
・ NH8406(OKA-NRT)??ANA 306??⇒??ANA 304
The Table of Import Freight Warehouse in September, 2011
Import warehouse in NRT Cargo 4 building