Qingdao Airport (TAO) customs will introduce Rule for Required Electronic Presentation of Cargo Information



Please be informed that Qingdao airport (TAO) customs will introduce China Customs new rule from August 1, 2011. Though this rule has already been effective in some airports, please confirm and correspond to following request.

? Commencement date

- to / via TAO
Mandatory Implementation date: August 1, 2011

* to / via DLC , TSN , CAN , HGH , SHE , CTU
As soon as the system infrastructure at the customhouse of above regions is constructed, the new operation will start.

* to / via PVG , SHA , PEK , XMN
Already introduce this rule since July 1, 2009.

? Request to Customers

  • 1) Please provide extra House Manifest copy attached to Air Waybill and submit to ANA/GHC.
  • 2) Using the electric transmission (e.g. TRAXSON, CCS), please submit House Air Waybill data [FHL] to ANA system.
  • *House Manifest have to include the information about "Shipper's name & address" and "Consignee's name & address".

? Cut-off Time to Acceptance of House Information:

Initial Acceptance Via Electronic Transmission Please consult your nearest ANA sales station
Via Paper Documents
Amendment Paper Documents only

*Should the house information not be transmitted as required, there may be any penalties.

? Others:

  • a) ANA will charge JPY500/per HAWB in case manual data entry is needed.JPY150/per HAWB for the data sent from system provider. This will only apply to freight originated from Japan. Please contact local ANA Sales staff for the EU ICS transmission charges in other countries.
  • b) If ANA receives any penalties from China Customs due to customers' error, ANA may request the compensation to customers according to Conditions of carriage.

Your kind cooperation and understanding are highly appreciated.