RE: Handling information on Narita Warehouse(updated at 17:00/JSD)



ANA group conveys its sincerest condolence to those affected by earthquake which hit Japan in March 11th.

Please be informed that our cargo handling procedures in Narita airport will be changed and implement as follows due to the largest earthquake ever recorded.

1) Effective Date
Start from March 17, 2011 until further notice
Effective date may be updated.
2) Cargo
  • a) Narita Arrival shipments after March 17 will be carried into ?South Cargo Area No2/No6 Cargo Building? in addition to ?Area B of IACT Warehouse?. Please refer to the attachment 2 on which warehouse will be used for each arrival flight. Also, please check the location of ?South Cargo Area? with attachment 2.
  • b) PRIO service and perishables which will be needed quarantine inspection are not applicable at ?South Cargo Area No2/No6 Cargo Building?.
  • c) Charge collect service will not be available until further notice.
3) Documents acceptance and contacts
-Area B of IACT(International Air Cargo Terminal) Warehouse
Acceptance : Area A* of IACT TEL +81-476-32-8414 FAX +81-476- 32-2928
Delivery : Area A*of IACT TEL +81-476-32-8413 FAX +81-476- 32-4595
*Please be careful that all documentation will be treated at Area ?A? of IACT.
*Customer desk
  • For ANA flights
    TEL +81-476-32-5200 FAX +81-476-32-5018
  • For our airport handling contract partner airline
    TEL +81-476-34-7674 FAX +81-476-32-5018
South Cargo Area No2/No6 Cargo Building (NEW)
  • Acceptance & Delivery : ANA Import counter at No4 Cargo building*
    TEL +81-476-32-5000 FAX +81-476- 32-5010
  • Contents check : South Cargo Area No2 Cargo Building
    TEL +81-476-32-1725 FAX +81-476- 32-1726
4) Others
For flights not shown on the following attachments will be restricted for cargo acceptance.
For further conditions, please contact ANA local sales office.

Area B IACT, South Cargo Area No2/No6 Building

Location of Narita Airport South Cargo Area No 2 / No 6 Building