RE: Handling information on Narita Warehouse(updated at 9:00/JSD)



Please be informed that our cargo handling procedures in Narita airport will be changed and implement as follows due to the largest earthquake ever recorded on Mar11, 2011.

1) Effective Date
Start from March 15, 2011
2) Documents
Release at Building A of IACT warehouse.
3) Cargo
  • a) Arrival shipments after March 15 will be carried into area B of IACT warehouse.
    Flight number details are as below.
  • FLT no Origin Day STD
    NH938 CGK Daily 06:30
    NH932 SGN Daily 07:25
    NH916 BKK Daily 07:35
    NH902 SIN Daily 08:35
    NH8476 ICN Tue & Wed & Thu & Fri & Sat & Sun 11:25
    NH8506 TAO Wed & Fri & Sat 12:50
    Tue & Thu 17:55
    NH8442 TPE Tue 14:00
    Wed 13:30
    Thu 14:20
    Fri 13:45
    Sat 14:10
    Sun 14:05
    NH908 ICN Daily 16:45
    NH904 DLC Daily 17:15
    NH928 TAO Daily 17:35
    NH8504 TSN Sat 17:50
    NH8508 BKK Sun 18:25
    NH8502 DLC Wed 20:00
    NH8516 XMN Tue & Thu & Fri & Sun 21:00
  • b) Arrival shipments before the earthquake on March 11 will be held in room 305 and 306 at Terminal 4. We will continue our coordination about the handling issues with NAA.
  • c) Charge collect service will be embargoed until next updated.
4) Contacts
*For any further information about the above issues, please make contacts at the following desk.
  • a) Import airlines customer service
    TEL:+81-476-34-7674 FAX:+81-476-34-7675
  • b) Import warehouses customer service
    TEL:+81-476-32-5000 FAX:+81-476-32-5010
5) Others
Procedures about cargo handling at room 305 and 306 on Cargo Terminal 4 will be updated soon.