【Message】Countermeasures Taken Against Novel Coronavirus Infection Spread



Firstly, I would like to extend my condolences to all the victims who has sacrificed their precious lives to this worldwide spreading Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), and sincere sympathy to the infected patients currently suffering from this disease.

This time's spread of Novel Coronavirus is seriously giving negative impact to the air cargo market.
Affected by various restrictions, such as curfew, mobility limitation, or people's travel ban on global base, the airlines, worldwide, has no choice but to drastically decrease its operations on unprecedented scale, because of considerable decrease of the aircraft users.
Without exception, ANA is also suspending or decreasing operations in large numbers, mainly for the International passenger flights. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused to our valued customers. ANA will closely observe the situation and timely take necessary actions, accordingly, and would like to kindly ask for the users' understanding and cooperation.
Furthermore, this adverse effect is impacting corporates' production operations, creating chaos in the supply chain, due to factory shutdowns in every part of the world and production delays. As a countermeasure to complement the sharp decrease of belly space supply due to passenger flights' significant suspension, demand for freighter transportation is greatly increasing as an alternative means of passenger flights and ships.

Under such environmental changes and public requirements, though facing various restrictions, ANA is to maintain transportation capacity by utilizing its resources to the maximum extent possible, such as operating non-scheduled freighter flights or charters, increasing purchased cargo space on other carriers' flights, and considering operation of passenger aircraft as a cargo flight.
As for the suspended・decreased・non-scheduled flight operations, please refer to ANA Cargo homepage (http://www.anacargo.jp/en/) where updated information can be accessed accordingly.
For any further inquiries, please kindly contact our sales in charge.

In order not to stop the logistics which is the crucial "blood stream" of economic activities, all employees of ANA, as one team, is committed to make every efforts to continuously meet the needs of the valued customers.
Though it is yet unable to predict when this continuing worldwide spread of Novel Coronavirus is to settle, I sincerely wish from bottom of my heart for this infection to end as soon as possible.

March 26, 2020

Senior Vice President of ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS Co., LTD.
CEO of ANA Cargo Inc.

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