ANA Acquires IATA CEIV PHARMA Recertification



~ Certification for International Transport of Pharmaceuticals ~


Thank you for your continuous support to the ANA group.

ANA has just acquired the CEIV PHARMA recertification, a program certifying the quality of pharmaceuticals transportation established by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which was originally received in 2017 as the first Japanese airline.

In obtaining this recertification, ANA has strengthened the training for pharmaceuticals transport, and reinforced the quality management including the entrusted companies, as well as revising the handling procedures.

Including Coronavirus vaccines, for the pharmaceuticals requiring strict time and temperature control during its transportation, ANA is fully committed to continuously make every effort to provide safe and reliable services by further enhancing the quality.


【Cargo News】IATA CEIV PHARMA Recertification_Final English_rev1.pdf