Restrictions for transporting live animals bound for Shanghai (PVG)



Please be informed as follows that restrictions have been added to live animal transportation to Shanghai (PVG) due to a notice from a Shanghai customs. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

1.    Effective Date

2.    Applicable cargo
Pets (dogs and cats) bound for Shanghai for individuals who do not accompany the consignee (=owner) and which are declared as cargo.
* Except transportation of animals use for laboratory or food to a company, not to an individual

3.    Outline
I. Prohibits the importation of the subject cargo to individuals for the purpose of commercial transaction without accompanying the consignee. And customs clearance is not possible without a record of the consignee's entry into Shanghai within six months.

II. The origin and destination of the boarded flight of the consignee and the subject cargo must be the same.

III. Multiple shipments per year are allowed if the above restrictions (I~II) are complied with; however, up to 1MAWB and one animal per consignee's entry into the country can be transported. (It is not allowed to prepare several MAWBs and transport several pets at once.) 

4.    Reason
Due to the notification from the local customs office.

5.    Others
Since the restrictions are managed by the local authorities on a consignee-by-consignee basis, we ask for the shipper and consignee to confirm including any history of use of other airlines, that the transportation is following all the above restrictions before making a reservation. 
If transportation is not in accordance with the restrictions, there is a possibility of non-delivery, which may affect the health of the animal. Please kindly note that we are not responsible in such cases.

For more details, please do not hesitate to contact our local sales representatives.
Your kind cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated.