Temporary restriction on transportation of special shipments at CAN (As of 23rd August)



Please be advised of the following changes to the transportation restrictions for dangerous goods bound for Guangzhou Airport (CAN).
We apologize for this continued inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

1.    Effective Date

2.    Changes
・Restrictions on the transport of Dangerous Goods to CAN are lifted.
Refrigerated and frozen Dangerous Goods are still not acceptable.
Refrigerated at +5℃ and frozen at -5℃ of dangerous Goods are available by providing a required information prior to the flight departure.  To store the frozen shipment at -15℃ is still unable.
・Prior confirmation is required for the transportation of large Dangerous Goods cargo (Dangerous Goods cargo that exceeds 2,000KG or 180cm x 160cm x 180cm per piece).

Please refer to "3. Reservation Method" below.

3.    Reservation Method
Please book cargoes with a minimum of 5 business days prior to flight departure, as the transportation of the above cargoes requires prior confirmation. 
Kindly note that there may be cases where transportation may not be possible depending on the situations.

4.    Reason
Due to changes in the local handling method of Dangerous Goods.

5.    Others
・Please kindly note that we are not able to store at -15℃ for Dangerous goods and Dangerous goods which does not requires DGD.
*Except DRY ICE for cooling the Non-DG shipment (General cargo).
・This Cargo News encompasses the requirements of ANA W22-023 "Temporary restriction on transportation of special shipments at CAN (As of 03Feb)", and therefore above Cargo News (ANA W22-023) is revoked.

Should you have any inquiries, please kindly contact the sales in charge.