Temporary Restriction on DG transport from/to Beijing (PEK) (Restriction LIFTED)



Please be informed of the restriction due to the notice by the Chinese authority for Lianghui (the annual plenary sessions of NPC & CPPCC) starting from 4 March 2023 is LIFTED as follows.
We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

1. Effective Date
From 1 March 2023, 0:00 (CST)
Until 15 March 2023, 0:00 (CST) *Immediately

2. Applicable Shipment of LIFTING Restriction
- The following Dangerous Goods to transport from/to/via PEK
■Class 6:Toxic and Infectious Substances
■Class 7:Radioactive Substances
*DG Class 1 "Explosives" is always restricted.

Your kind cooperation and understanding are highly appreciated.