Temporary Restriction on cargo transport to Beijing (PEK) //Rev.11//



 Please be informed of the following changes to the continued restrictions on shipments to Beijing Airport.
 We apologize for the continuous inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

1. Effective Date

2. Details
◆ Below shipments are unable to transport to PEK.
・Dangerous Goods: Class 1
・Transit cargo via PEK

◆ Below shipments are available to transport to PEK.
Perishable Cargo (PER), Perishable Fish/Seafood (PES), Perishable Meat (PEM) and Flowers, plants, and plant seeds (PEF)
Vegetables and Fruits
Dangerous Goods: General, including Class 6 and Class 7 (excluding Class 1 as above)
・Frozen / Refrigerated cargo (Incl. Dry Ice)
・Live animal (AVI) and Live fish (AVF)
・Food stuffs which do not require temperature control

3. Others
・Dangerous Goods: Class 7 can only be transported if it is up to 120cm x 120cm x 150cm.
・All Dangerous Goods may be returned to origin airport if it is not picked up within 48 hours of arrival at PEK. Please pick up the cargo as soon as possible after customs clearance approval. (Excluding lithium Sec-II, engines and cars)
・This Cargo News encompasses the requirements of ANAS No.22-045 "Temporary Restriction on Transportation of Dangerous Goods Cargoes to Beijing Airport (PEK) (As of 14SEP)", and therefore above Cargo News (ANAS No.22-045) is revoked.

Your kind cooperation and understanding are highly appreciated.