Request for HS Code Information for Cargoes Bound for China via Shanghai Pudong (PVG) (As of 09AUG)



We would like to reiterate the HS Code (Harmonized Commodity Description Coding System) for shipments bound for cities in China via Shanghai Pudong (PVG), which we have been informing you about since March 29, 2017. Accordingly, we have updated the contents of "Application for HS classification of Goods" in the attachment, and we request that you use this format from now on.
We apologize for this continued inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

1. Effective Date
Immediately (From March 29, 2017)

2. Applicable Cargoes
All Cargoes via Shanghai Pudong (PVG) to other domestic airports in China
(including truck transportation)

3. Documents to Submit
Attachment: "Application for HS classification of Goods" with HAWB number, item name, quantity, weight, HS code, consignee's name (in Chinese: simplified, traditional, alphabetical, or in English), and value of goods (Invoice price and currency). The information should be attached to the air waybill.
* Please indicate the product name in Chinese as well as English.
Failure to submit the document above or failure to list the product name in both English and Chinese on the document may delay the loading of the product on the scheduled flight or the delivery of the product at the destination.

4. Composition of HS Code
A 10-digit HS code (6-digit global code + 4-digit Chinese subdivision code) is required for domestic transfers within China.

Should you have any inquiries, please kindly contact the sales in charge.

Rev.3 Application for HS classification of Goods.docx