Temporary restriction on transportation of special shipments at CAN (As of 18May)



 Please be informed that the restriction on the shipment for/via CAN will be lifted as follows.
 We apologize for this continued inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

1. Effective Date
18th May 2022 - until further notice

2. Lifted Restriction
All types of dangerous goods for CAN (EXCEPT for the continuing listed below)
Live animals and fish (AVI and AVF) for CAN

3. Continued Restriction
Dangerous goods of Category 4.3 and Class 5 for/via CAN are still not acceptable
* Those dangerous goods are not acceptable regardless of whether it has a DGD or not

4. Reason
Due to the improved manpower under the Covid-19 situation at the airport

Should you have any inquiries, please kindly contact the sales in charge.